How to apply

Documents required to register for the competition – undergraduate

According to the admission regulations for the academic year 2023-2024

Registration for the admission competition at USAMV Cluj-Napoca:

Onsite – in specially designed rooms at each faculty of the University or
Online – on the website


The competition file that candidates will submit physically when registering onsite or electronically – scanned when registering online, will contain the following documents submitted in an envelope file:

a) Identity card or passport;

b) Birth certificate;

c) Medical certificate issued by the school medical office or the family doctor, from which it can be concluded that the person who registers for the admission competition is suitable for the profile for which he is applying;

d) The University reserves the right to additionally request the opinion of a specialized medical committee (Occupational Medicine) to check candidates with chronic diseases, disabilities;

e) Two ¾ cm photos – if the candidate registers online, they are submitted simultaneously with the signing of the contract;

f) Baccalaureate diploma and transcript or equivalent, in original or copies; high school graduates from the class of 2022 can present, instead of the baccalaureate diploma, a standard certificate showing that they have passed the baccalaureate exam, the average and the grades obtained at the baccalaureate. These candidates, if they will be declared admitted to the places financed from the budget, following the competition, have the obligation to submit the original baccalaureate diploma and transcript to the faculty at the time of confirmation of the place by signing the study contract;

g) Candidates admitted to the competition for places at the College will submit the original at the signing of the study contract and confirmation of the place: Baccalaureate diploma accompanied by the transcript, in the original. High school graduates who did not pass the baccalaureate exam will submit the high school graduation diploma accompanied by the original transcript;

h) The candidate’s written agreement regarding access to personal data registered on the SIIIR (Integrated Information System of Romanian Education) platform (in the event that the certificate is not presented in the file);

i) Proof of student status, i.e. bachelor’s degree or graduation degree of a faculty, in original or copy, for those who register for the competition to pursue a second specialization;

j) Declaration on personal responsibility by which the candidate makes known whether he was or is a student at other university study programs, with the presentation of the cycle and form of funding of the studies (budget or fee);

k) Documents proving their particular situation (original and copy) according to the parents’ death certificate – in the case of orphans, a certificate from the Children’s Home – in the case of those in this situation, documents proving that they are children of teaching staff;

l) Proof of payment of the registration fee of the amount provided for registration. The registration fee can be paid onsite or online to the account IBAN RO35TREZ21620F330500XXXX, FISCAL CODE-4288381, USAMV Cluj-Napoca. In the payment form under the heading – EXPLANATION – you will fill in – Name and surname of the candidate for whom the payment is made, Faculty, Study Program, Form of Education – DAY/ID;

m) Declaration of consent regarding the processing of personal data and their free circulation;

Candidates opting for the Faculty of Animal Science and Biotechnology, Biotechnology field, will submit the motivational essay, signed and dated. Those who opt for online registration will upload the document (pdf) to the platform on the date of registration. Motivational essay structure here!

The registration fee (100 lei) is established for each field by the University Senate.