cercetare zootehnie si biotegnologii ussamv cluj


The scientific research of the Faculty of Animal Science and Biotechnology and the other involved faculties is integrated into the research strategy of the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca, which ensures the institutional and organizational framework. In this sense, USAMV CN operates the Research, Development and Innovation Council and the Technology Transfer Center within USAMV Cluj-Napoca (CTT), which operates according to its own regulations, with financial and logistical support from research projects, undertaken by the university.
In the Faculty of Animal Science and Biotechnology, research is carried out based on a long-, medium- and short-term strategy approved by the Faculty Council.

There are 2 research centers in the faculty, the Animal Science research center is composed of 4 laboratories:

  • Animal Welfare and Production Management research laboratory
  • Food and Animal Products research laboratory
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture research laboratory
  • Aquaculture Breeding Technologies research laboratory

Added to this is the Biotechnologies Research Center with 4 laboratories:

  • Cellular Biotechnologies Research Laboratory
  • Apicultural and Sericic Biotechnologies Research and Services Laboratory
  • Molecular Biotechnologies Research Laboratory
  • Food Biotechnologies Research Laboratory

To these is added the Reference Center for advanced research in sericulture and the promotion of silk production, which is the Research Center of the International Sericulture Commission and the RENAR-accredited Beekeeping Products Quality Control Laboratory,  as well as 15 laboratories registered on the Erris platform https://eeris.eu/ which groups researchers and teaching staff with concerns in the field of the evaluated study program. The existing equipment in these structures, together with those in the research laboratories, allow for competitive research at the national and international levels (https://www.cercetare.usamvcluj.ro/wordpress/).
Students are supported and stimulated to carry out research activities, are involved in research projects, and are supported to participate in national and international scientific conferences/symposiums.