After you graduate

Based on the subjects included in the curriculum of this master’s degree, graduates will be able to use inter-, multi- and transdisciplinary explanatory models (biology, psychology, comparative veterinary medicine, environmental justice, law, economics, evolutionary sciences, history, anthropology, etc.) to understand, evaluate, prevent and intervene in the event of conflict between humans and animals, in the direction of sustainability and environmental conservation, as well as to facilitate optimal human-animal coexistence.

Based on the professional skills offered by this program, graduates will fall into the categories of ethologists and animal behavior therapists, who work with animals and humans in different contexts and locations, being able to study, observe, evaluate, plan and implement interventions. The skills offerend and enhanced by this master program are based on a depper understanding of animal behavior in relation to certain factors, in the direction of prevention or remedy inappropriate or problematic behavior in animals, by developing appropriate management strategic sollutions, in accordance with the current legislative national and European frames.