Required documents

The application package, that the candidates will turn in onsite, or submit electronically (scanned) for the online registration, will contain the following documents:

a) registration form;

b) baccalaureate diploma, bachelor’s degree (or equivalent);

c) transcript/diploma supplement;

d) birth certificate;

e) two photos ¾ cm – if the candidate registers online, they are submitted when signing the contract;

f) a certificate of linguistic competence, with a minimum level B-2 for English, ​​is submitted in original to the secretariat of the faculty at the beginning of the academic year for the admitted candidates;

g) documents proving their particular situation (original and copy) after the death certificate of the parents – in the case of orphans, certificate from the Children’s Home – in the case of those in this situation, documents proving that they are children of the teaching staff;

h) original identity card and copy;

i) statement on one’s own responsibility by which the candidate makes known if he/she has had or has the quality of student at other university study programs, with the presentation of the cycle and the form of financing the studies (budget or fee);

Each candidate will specify on the enrollment form, in the desired order, the options for the study programs within the field in which he/she applies. It is recommended to complete both the form of budget financing and the form of tax financing in order to be able to later slip from places with tax to places with budget if in the subsequent stages of admission vacancies are budgeted or from the waiting list by places with fee, and then if there is availability on budget places.