How to apply

For Romanian citizens:

on site: Calea Mănăştur 3-5, 400372, Cluj-Napoca

on line:


For EU and NON-EU citizens:

Citizens from Member States of the European Union, the European Economic Area and the Swiss Confederation and/or Foreign Citizens From EU Third Countries, should make the inscription following the requirements found on the university website, INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS section:


Admission is done based on application packages (for information regarding the application package please see Required documents). The candidates’ general average, computed based on the average of the bachelor’s exam and the average grade of the years of study, is the main selection criterion:


AVGGEN – general average

AVGBAC – bachelor’s exam average (grade)

AVGYRS – average of the years of study

The ranking of the candidates will be made according to their general average, in descending order, and their distribution on the places put up for competition will be done one by one, from the first to the last one ranked, according to the order of the options specified in the registration form.

Within each weekly admission stage, the students accepted for the paid places will be the candidates ranked after the last tuition fee free place, in descending order their competition averages.

During admission, in the event of several candidates with equal general averages, the average of the years of undergraduate studies will be taken into account for the tie.

The results of the admission contest, verified and approved by the Admission Commission of the university will be published on the university’s website: The results are displayed in weekly stages corresponding to each session, generating at least two types of lists for each stage: a) provisional lists – with the ranking of candidates, generated after admission; b) final lists – with the ranking of candidates, generated after solving the appeals; that include the final and indisputable results.

After displaying the lists of candidates declared admitted, they will submit, according to the calendar, the Baccalaureate Diploma and the original Bachelor’s Degree/Certificate. The original documents for the candidates admitted to tuition fee free places and copies for candidates admitted to places with tuition tax.

The candidates declared admitted, who do not sign the Study Contract within the period provided in the admission calendar, lose the place won by competition.